Who we are

Small Company, Big Vision

The manner of conducting and organizing work has shifted over the last decade. Decentralized work environments, the rise of the gig economy as well as immersive and big data technologies have transformed the manner in which we begin to think about “work”.

Looking forward to the next decade, the manner in which we do business will continue to transform. At Millennial Tech, we envision ourselves to be part of your transformation.

Transforming Work

Millennial Tech has the breadth of skills and experience of a top-tier technology consulting firm while providing the personalized service of a boutique firm. We envision ourselves as the partner to enable your team to function on the leading edge of technology. 

Project Leadership

We specialize in the placement of vented, talented project managers and business analysts to run end-to-end program development of technical initiatives and to serve as project leaders. These partners are the heart of your initiatives – we place the best. We feel that project leadership is the key to any successful project.

Catered Solutions to Unique Problems

Standard means for conducting business are no longer adequate to meet the rising tide of work in the new decade. Millennial Tech works with you to identify your unique challenges and present the right, catered solutions. Implementing new solutions isn’t merely adopting the right tools but holistically addressing the areas of improvement at the root cause by focusing on problems, processes, people, and procedures.

Whether your needs are project/mission-focused (delivering ERP, LMS, BI, ML, DAM, etc. solutions) or people-focused – our comprehensive approach will help you transform your business challenges into transformative, growth-focused areas.  

Let’s Expect What’s Next

You are part of this digital transformation – partner with Millennial Tech to take your team to the next horizon!  We think with and through new technologies; together we can lead the way in the digital future.

Learn how we can assist you in leveraging modern technology and processes to solve business problems.