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Full Range of Services

We offer a full range of BI services to satisfy the needs of companies planning to develop, revamp or improve their BI solutions

Though it’s easy to think of a BI project as just about data, delivering an effective BI project requires a large set of related capabilities involving People, Process and Technology.

Our Strategy and approach

Our approach and strategy revolves around assessing the information needs of your organization, regarding key business objectives and where your business has the biggest need. Our team of data strategists and BI Specialists will assess your business needs and determine how to evolve your data and analytics platforms over time to create the biggest impact.

Key features of our strategy include:

  • “Think Big, but Start Small” to require fewer resources and also see some quick wins earlier and these will continue throughout the implementation
  • Start with a central data repository, an Operational Data Store (ODS) built and loaded with prioritized transformed data originating in multiple enterprise systems
  • Ability for ad hoc reporting, with a user-friendly interface to allow non-technical users to generate their own reports (for example, with meaningful field names and using easy drag and drop features)
  • The two most difficult aspects of implementing this strategy are negotiating common definitions and coordinating system owners to provide access to the data housed in those systems
  • A Data Warehouse with historical data to provide analytical as well as trend reporting comparing multiple years of data as a second phase
  • Data Governance
  • The strategy is to also provide a standardized set of presentation layer or reporting tools to empower users to create and view reports, queries, visualizations, dashboards, and analyses
  • Extensive training and support to empower users in this environment

Data Governance is critical to success

A sound Data Governance strategy can significantly improve the returns from enterprise Business Intelligence (BI) investments and sets the blueprint for managing data assets of an organization, which includes many layers such as the architecture, the operational framework, and the processes.

The goal of a Data Governance effort is to manage data effectively to deliver timely, trustworthy and relevant information to make informed business decisions. Our team of data governance experts leverage the principles and frameworks from DAMA and the CMMI Institute to make data governance practical and sustainable.

Our offerings for effective Data Governance include:

  • Implementing Data Governance Processes
  • Data Classification and Prioritization
  • Quality Management
  • Metadata Management
  • Data privacy laws and regulations
  • Data Security and access controls

The way to begin this highly structured and monitored Data Management strategy is to standardize the use of terminology across business units and enforce consistency of use.

We empower everyone with the tools to be a data hero

As part of the BI implementation, we help you evaluate and implement tools to match the skill levels and specific needs of your organization.

Casual users will need tools that are easy to use but power users may find the simpler tools too limited in their capability and not robust and flexible for all their needs. The best way to address this challenge of finding the balance between flexibility and complexity may in fact be the option to select multiple tools to support both the power as well as casual users.

When creating a catalog of requirements, technical, business and organizational goals and requirements will all be considered carefully. The list of criteria will include criteria relating to architecture, data sources, administration, information delivery, user interface, report development, performance, user-defined content, analysis and planning.

Power BI Expertise

Implementing BI is the first step in gaining a clear view of your business. But much of the work occurs after BI is rolled out. Once set up, we will champion its growth and adoption across your business. To ensure you’re generating complete and accurate metrics, we work with you to regularly add data and reports to the platform.

User training is also critical. Without key employees pulling reports and fully engaging in the platform, the solution won’t do much to propel your business forward. We provide comprehensive user training to make sure BI becomes a helpful, user-friendly solution for everyone.

Power BI Training we offer

  • Power BI Introduction – 1 Day
  • ‘Dashboard-in-a-Day’ – training that is enhanced with an additional day for data visualization and practical exercises on your data – 2 Days
  • Power BI Small & Midsize Business – A private hands-on Power BI workshop for small and medium businesses – 2 Days