BI and Data Analytics

Business Intelligence can be a game changer

Establishing a strong business intelligence (BI) strategy for your business can be extremely powerful – if it’s done correctly, it can transform an organization’s data into actionable insights for making strategic and tactical business decisions. This is commonly referred to as data-driven decisions and many companies are already seeing the benefits of this data driven culture..

We do BI best

We have the expertise and experience to help you implement a Successful BI Strategy

Implementing BI is not an easy undertaking. BI is not just about data, as a discipline it is made up of several  technologies such as  business analytics, data mining, data visualization, data tools and infrastructure, and best practices and extensive training to help organizations use it effectively. When implemented well, BI provides a comprehensive view of your organization’s data and can have dramatic effects on the improvement

of the decision making process that can help drive change, eliminate inefficiencies, and quickly adapt to market conditions. We know how to do it right and can help you unlock the great potential of your data in a planned and methodical way, starting with first creating a Data Strategy, an essential pillar for the overarching business intelligence strategy. 

Data Strategy

To be data-driven requires an overarching data culture that couples a number of elements, including high-quality data, broad access and data literacy and appropriate data-driven decision-making processes. 

Business Intelligence Implementation

The goals of the BI strategy are to improve the consistency, accuracy, comprehensiveness, and timeliness of information delivery to decision makers. At a minimum, this strategy calls for a central data repository.


Data Governance is essential for the

effective oversight and control over all data within the Data architecture,
The goal  is to manage the data for delivering timely, trustworthy and relevant information to make informed decisions. It also includes ownership, and other business processes and operational rules. 

The Secret of our Success

 Our team of data strategists and BI Specialists first assess your business needs and determine the current status of your data. Then using our think big, start small agile approach, we prioritize the data and analytics in terms of the biggest impact. We design the overall data architecture but only build the parts needed as we interatively add more data.

Agile Approach

Think Big, but Start Small

Data Architecture

Start with a central data repository of prioritized data.

Visualization/Reporting Tools

Standardized set of presentation layer or reporting tools to empower users to create and view reports, queries, visualization.

Extensive Training

Extensive training and support to empower users in this environment.

We specialize in Power BI Training and dashboard creation

Implementing BI is the first step in gaining a clear view of your business. But much of the work occurs after BI is rolled out. Once set up, we will champion its growth and adoption across your business. To ensure you’re generating complete and accurate metrics, we work with you to regularly add data and reports to the platform.

User training is also critical. Without key employees pulling reports and fully engaging in the platform, the solution won’t do much to propel your business forward. We provide comprehensive user training to make sure BI becomes a helpful, user-friendly solution for everyone.


Learn to leverage the power of Power BI. Discover how you can quickly gather, cleanse and transform your data with just a few clicks.

Optimize Power BI Data Models ising DAX

DAX is used in several Microsoft Products such as Microsoft Power BI. With DAX you have the ability to include business logic in calculations in order to enrich your business intelligence models.

Dashboard-in-a-Day +

Dashboard-in-a-Day – training that is enhanced with an additional day for data visualization and practical exercises on your data.

POWER BI Data Governance

Organizations must be able to govern self-service BI effectively to ensure compliance and security requirements.