Project Success

We lead and guide projects all the way from visioning to successful deployment

Project Management is the #1 service we provide.

Our world-class team of experts has led IT engagements across industries and we have the best combination of skills and competencies as effective managers bringing order and consistency, dealing with complexity, allocating resources, solving problems, and monitoring the results to ensure success. We have successfully implemented PMOs, transformed IT Organizations and IT service Centers and helped create the vision and strategy for ITSM implementations. 
With a genuine interest and passion for project success and a highly analytical approach, our leadership team plays a key role and is the driving force in ensuring all engagements are closely aligned with client needs and the service delivery is exceptional

Qualities of our highly effective project managers

We look for and recruit top-notch Project Managers with multiple project expereinces in a variety of settings. Three important skills we look for are balanced and consistent project execution skills combined with good understanding of how to build and motivate diverse teams. We see adaptability as a stepping stone of the project management skills hierarchy and paramount to project success. It is a skill we stress during hiring and coaching. We hire thoughtfully and strategically and we then mentor and coach to continue to help them expand and grow in their project leadership skills.

Execution Skills

Projects big or small have multiple steps and many moving parts, so creating a plan and bringing order and consistency is the first step towards successful executiopn. Managing schedules, allocating the right resources at the right time, solving problems, handling challenges and make timely decisions are other key skills to ensure success.

People/Leadership Skills

The ability to challenge, inspire, enable, model and encourage are crucial for project managers to be seen as capable and competent. They also need to be seen as team builders who can take a group of strangers to form a high-functioning team and work at keeping the team spirt alive..

Flexibility and adaptibility

What truly sets a project manager apart is their ability to adapt or work in the gray. We coach and mentor our PMs to navigate and adjust based on ambiguity, conflict, external constraints and other uncertainties that are bound to be encountered during a project.

Project Management Services we provide

Our goal is always to make you and your team as effective as possible. We have recently provided Program Management as well as strategic consulting for some high visibility projects and have been instrumental in establishing Project Management practices, Digital Asset Management and IT Service Management implementations at several organizations. Here are some areas we can help.

Managing Projects

A great project manager provides a clear vision about the goals and objectives of the project. Our project managers have an uncanny ability to take a multitude of tasks and a lot of moving parts and organize them in the right order, to create a detailed plan or roadmap.

Large System Implementations

Scope creep, poor risk management and inadequate allocation of resources are common problems associated with implementing an enterprise systems such as ERP or CRM. Our Project Managers with many implementations under their belt are adept at managing such projects to a successful completion.

Project Portfolio Management

We help you in incorporating the best practices for getting the “real” big picture view of project activity and creating governance procedures for focusing on projects that provide the maximum benefit based on criteria established.

Establising a PMO

A project management office (PMO) is a strategic component of an organization trying to improve its ability to deliver projects that bring value to the organization. We work collaboratively with you to decide on the best model – based on compliance or a consultative approach.