We match great people with great companies

We provide recruitment and career placement services in many areas, including project management, business analysis, software development, and business intelligence. Our process is to get to know the role and also your company’s culture so that we can select the best fit for your organization.

Hiring is not a piece of cake

We all know that hiring is hard. Talented employees are the backbone and strength of every department and division within a company. You not only want a candidate with the right technical skills, but understand the importance of soft skills to ensure a best fit for the long term. Many hiring managers do not have the time to go through a rigorous hiring process, resulting in a prolonged process. That’s where we excel; we are organized with resources who spend considerable time in the proactive components of recruiting.

Risks of a long hiring process

The candidate may not feel valued and becomes disinterested
• The candidate is approached by a competitor and wants to work for them instead
• The candidate is interviewing with multiple companies and takes an earlier offer

Let our recruiters work with you to offload some of the hiring processes to help prepare standard interview questions, help schedule interviews and even organize the evaluation process.

Top 3 reasons you want to work with us


We cast a wide net

We are on a constant lookout for candidates. As we get to know our clients, we anticipate their needs We pro-actively meet people where they are. We take the time to leverage relationships with industry associations that align with the fields we recruit for. to which you are recruiting. We invite our entire team to participate in the hiring process by investing in their networking circles. This outreach enables us to reach candidates that we may not be able to reach through regular job boards.


We go beyond keyword searching Software or even resumes

A thoughtful review of resumes is very important to us – we do not rely on just keyword searching software, we review each and every resume to create a shortlist of those we feel have the right skills. We even pull out great candidates with poor resumes and work with them to identify their strengths and reformat their resumes to highlight these strengths.


Talented Interviewers

Phone screening is crucial to find top candidates. But, like everything in recruitment, it needs to be properly done to get results. We put great effort into preparing questions for assessment. During the screening, we pay attention to attributes such as critical thinking, flexibility and adaptability and soft skills such as communication, personality, and personabilit

Why choose us

We are small and lean and very forward thinking, so we constantly look for new strategies and technologies to ensure we remain at the forefront of recruiting. More specifically, we do this to ensure we can continue to efficiently find the talent your business needs to remain productive and profitable

Social Media and Technology Savvy

We are very social media and technology savvy, posting jobs automatically to sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, via our website, increasing the chances that candidates are aware of open positions.

Enhanced SEO for targeting

We also use enhanced SEO to target job seekers
wherever their personal and professional job searching
takes them.


We use incentives such as job referral bonuses to partner with our current candidates and others in our network to broaden our outreach to top candidates.

We just work harder

We are organized so that our experienced recruiters can carefully listen to what you are looking for and what the candidate brings to the table. If the candidates on our shortlist are not a good match, we don’t give up; we keep looking till we find the right match.