Author: Natalie Alvarez

Business woman pointing at different business plans posted on the wall.

Resources for Women Looking to Excel in Their Careers

This is a guest post by Gloria Martinez of WomenLed Is it time to take your work to the next level? Women are frequently overlooked and underrated in the working world, but if that sounds all too familiar, fear not. You can excel in your career with the right tools, skills and resources at your…
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5 Benefits of the Expansion Of Telemedicine

As we stand in solidarity with our healthcare workers and Nurse’s Week comes to a close, we look at the future of work in healthcare. COVID-19 has brought on many challenges in an array of fields, especially the medical field. The shift in landscape has cause telemedicine to increase in popularity. This new shift proves…
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virtual meeting

5 Tips on How to Have an Impactful Virtual Meeting

COVID-19 has caused the traditional work environment to shift from the office to our homes. Everyone working from home has increased the popularity of virtual meetings. A virtual meeting is different from a conference room meeting, it is a new setting and the traditional rules change with the context. Here are five tips on how…
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