Millenial workforce

Key Statistics of Millennials in Today’s Workforce

Millennials became the largest generation in the workforce back in 2016, according to Pew Research, with American workers ages 23 to 38 as of 2019. And they are forecasted to make up around 75% of the U.S. labor force by 2030, according to the BLS.  Researcher’s fascination with the millennial generation has only grown over the years,…
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IT Employee

Technology Jobs in Computers and IT are Increasing—up to 12%

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer and IT jobs are projected to grow 12% from the years 2018 to 2028. This is much faster than the average growth rate for all other occupations.  These new occupations in the technology sector are expected to add about 546,200 jobs to the market, and most demand…
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