Resources for Women Looking to Excel in Their Careers

Resources for Women Looking to Excel in Their Careers

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This is a guest post by Gloria Martinez of WomenLed

Is it time to take your work to the next level? Women are frequently overlooked and underrated in the working world, but if that sounds all too familiar, fear not. You can excel in your career with the right tools, skills and resources at your disposal.


Identify Your Super Powers

Chances are that at some point in an interview, someone asked you what your strengths are. It’s time to ask yourself that question again, and think through how you’ll bring those strengths to the forefront in a pragmatic way that will help you reach your goals.

  • How valuable are you? If you don’t know how to answer that question, some personally managed evaluation can be insightful.
  • Once identified, learn how to play to your strengths in the workplace.
  • If your performance is being overlooked, proactive measures are in order.


Moving On or Moving Up?

Knowing your value and bringing forth your strengths are important aspects in career growth and development. With those in hand, determine what your next best move is: are you climbing the ladder with your current employer, or is it time to move on?

  • Understanding business development, financial basics, and being an indispensable player are a few of the keys to receiving a promotion.
  • Perhaps your job isn’t the right one for you; do some soul searching to determine whether it’s time for a new career.
  • Starting something fresh doesn’t mean starting from scratch; apply your existing skills and experience towards your new goals.
  • If you need a degree, consider earning your education while still earning an income.
  • For instance, you can earn a master’s degree in education via the web.
  • If you’re hitting walls no matter where you turn, consider consulting a career coach.


Personal Protections

To be your best in the workplace, you need to practice self-care. Take daily steps to ensure you have the health and vitality to pursue and conquer your goals.

  • Get sufficient sleep every night to ensure your mental and physical health.
  • A healthy diet provides well-rounded nutrition so you’ll have the strength and energy to press on toward your goals.
  • Exercise helps your mental and physical health and reduces stress levels, so make time for it, even if you’re busy.


Are you ready to excel in your career? Identify your personal super powers, decide if it’s time to move up or move on, and wherever your journey leads, take care of yourself.


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