5 Benefits of the Expansion Of Telemedicine

5 Benefits of the Expansion Of Telemedicine


As we stand in solidarity with our healthcare workers and Nurse’s Week comes to a close, we look at the future of work in healthcare. COVID-19 has brought on many challenges in an array of fields, especially the medical field. The shift in landscape has cause telemedicine to increase in popularity.

This new shift proves to be promising already and for many it has great benefits. Here are some advantages the expansion of telemedicine has provided for patients:

1. Receiving virtual medical care results in reduced patient stress and quicker diagnoses and treatment

Sometimes patients wait a long time to receive care and having a set time and date or virtual appointments helps easy patient worries. Virtual appointments provide the patient with speedy care that otherwise would a long day waiting at the office and being exposed to infection.

2. Telemedicine provide easy access to those living in rural areas

There are patients who do not have access to medical care for many miles. Televists make it easy for them to get help with common health problems or follow-up care.

3. Elderly patients can receive care from their homes

Elderly patients who cannot leave their homes can receive medical care in their home. Doctors can take screenshots of problem areas and put in the patient’s medical record.

4. Doctors can fully asses the patient’s living environment

The assessment helps determine if the patient’s living conditions are optimal for their conditions or causing problems.

5. Allows patients to share more information about their condition

Home is where most patients feel comfortable, therefore the ability to to speak to their doctors while at home makes patients less stressed. Allowing for them to talk the their doctors candidly.

You can find more information on the expansion of telemedicine in this article from The New York Times.


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