5 Tips on How to Have an Impactful Virtual Meeting

5 Tips on How to Have an Impactful Virtual Meeting

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COVID-19 has caused the traditional work environment to shift from the office to our homes. Everyone working from home has increased the popularity of virtual meetings.

A virtual meeting is different from a conference room meeting, it is a new setting and the traditional rules change with the context. Here are five tips on how to boost your presence in a virtual meeting:

1. Be well positioned for the camera

Ensure that your whole head and shoulders are in frame.

If your head is cut off or your whole torso is in frame readjust your camera. You will engage your audience more if you are at a close proximity.

2. Convey confidence through tone

Using a louder tone of voice depicts a credible, confident, and authoritative self. Regardless of the format, use a tone that commands the room. This reminds you of the professional context you are in and keep you away from shifting to a conversational tone.

3. Look at the camera, not your coworkers

Looking at your camera is hard when, as a whole, we are used to focusing on each other’s eyes. Focusing on the camera is the new way of maintaining eye contact. Your point will be carried across effectively because you are connecting with your coworkers.

4. Don’t be afraid of the chat function

The chat function can be a powerful tool!

Use the chat function to share documents or information you will discuss in your meeting. Share the meeting’s agenda through the chat function, so attendees are aware of the main talking points. The chat function is also a great place to post discussion points while others are talking.

5. Be mindful of new challenges

Participating in virtual meetings comes with a new set of challenges. You are not sitting in a conference room with your colleagues, you are at home where there are multiple distractions.

Ensure to mute your microphone when you are not speaking. Then if an unexpected distraction presents itself, such as a dog barking, it does not interrupt the meeting.

Besides external distractions there can also be distractions in your virtual environment, such as notifications. Be prepared to interact with your colleagues and remind yourself that regardless of the location you are still “at work.”

You can find more tips to make an impact in virtual meetings in this article from the Harvard Business Review.

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